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Does the table salt we eat also have plastic in it !

I remember the dialogue made by my friend that one day there will be more cars in the world than people as a reaction to increasing pollution. But I fear something different I fear that one day there will more plastic in the world than humans. And this fear is taking its root, in reality, confirming to my thoughts something has happened in China, but I again fear it’s not only China.

In salts collected from supermarkets across China, Scientists have found tiny plastic bits, known as microplastics. And there is more to it ! Presence of plastic was tested in 15 more brands and the result is positive.They found plastic bits in table salt extracted from seas and lake water. They also found microplastic in rock salt mined from underground deposits. In the second study by same team some quantity of plastic was also found in shellfish.

There is another study of 2011, in which scientists has shown that laundering clothes made from nylon and other plastics shed little bits of plastic. The wash water which carried these bits of plastic in micro quantity went to drain, from there it went to rivers and lakes and eventually into ocean and sea. Plastic since then been consumed by marine animals. And it would not be a surprise to you and me about the finding in 20 October 2015 that microplastic is actually been consumed by people. It found that sea salt had 550 to 681 particles per kilogram which are equal to some 2.2 pounds while each kilogram of lake salts had 43 to 364 particles. Rock salts  also had seven to 204 particles per kilogram. Too much mind-boggling data, isn’t it? But all of it is true… Slowly slowly we are finding plastic in very unexpected places. It looks like we are been surrounded by visible and invisible plastic. Its like we are drinking, inhaling and exhaling plastic bits each day, having it in our dinner and finding it yum.

karender Law, an oceanographer at the Sea Education Association in Woods Hole says much more work needs to be done before anyone can say that eating microplastics in sea salt is a major health threat. The amounts remain quite small and may not be much harm. Still its a plastic and it is a threat to the health of people. I don’t think anybody here is interested in eating plastic .. ! Let’s drop the use of plastic slowly. May be nothing much but atleast we can avoid eating and drinking in plastic plates and bottle. Let’s save our health. But this is true we need a declaration of independence and freedom from sophisticated colonization of plastic from our health and life. We need a revolution !

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