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Is it possible to study DNA and do research in space !

We all wish to go there in space, feel it and stay on a vacation on some planet. But then what is the most important thing for this to happen. The most common answer would be to check first whether humans can make it alive there! I think that’s what people like you and me will think because that’s what matters.

So in order to check whether it is possible to survive there or not, the first step would be scientific testing of microorganisms in space. Many of us have already seen so many science fiction movies where spaceships do a lot of good research especially biological, in fact much easier. But let me tell you that it’s not easy.

It’s not easy for two reasons. The first reason is that biological and that too molecular research equipment are big in size as well as weight. The second reason which most important is that amount of power needed to run them. These are two x and y conditions needed to fulfill to get z results that are testing in space in an international space station.

However such problems were soon recognized and NASA started to build solutions for it.

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins who is also a molecular biologist has said that we need to get such machines which are compact in size, portable, robust and independent of much power generation so it can allow for more agile testing in space.

So the constant trying made out results which are the advanced suite of tabletop and palm-sized tools including MinION, miniPCR, and Wet-Lab-2.

So the Space-based DNA testing took place in 2016 with the Biomolecule Sequencer which Comprised of the MinION sequencer and a Surface Pro 3 tablet for analysis, the tool was used to sequence DNA in space for the first time with Rubins.

In 2017, that tool was used again for Genes in Space-3, as NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson collected and tested samples of microbial growth from around the station. Alongside MinION, astronauts also tested miniPCR, a thermal cycler used to perform the polymerase chain reaction. Together these platforms provided the general basis for the testing of micro organisms up there ! May be in this way we may some day reach to the point when we would have habitated some other planet like earth !

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