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The Interesting Crime Scene Investigation Effect that is the CSI effect !!!!

crime scene investigation

When First I came to this term, I was so puzzled as to what term is this ! The C in CSI made me immediately think of some chemical element or the gold mark which declares its purity. But its not so complex, the fullform is Crime Scene Investigation. Well Okay! What is the problem then? and what is the effect ? Well! the effect is quite real.

According to it, We tend to make false assumptions on Crime Scene investigation by comparing the real world investigation with the TV Show investigation. The first most important misconception is of “Forensic Scientist”. In fact, this misconception is adopted from tv shows like CID where you see a man in white coat and he very fast does the investigation like a magic wand from heaven. Okay! truth to be told there is nothing like forensic scientist. Scientists who work in forensics have a specialty they study, train, and work in for years, whether that’s pathology, toxicology, anthropology, etc. And there are like this more than 50 careers, its such a broad term. But What we see in movie is opposite or some show, we see that there is only 1 or 2 man doing all the work.. This is freakin impossible !

Sometimes we see in some shows that the forensic scientist is very smart and immediately makes out the result out of test. But tests in real life time may take months to bring out the report. It actually can be that “false make” in shows.

People must understand that Tv is only an entertainment. The directors and producers are trying all their ways to make what you watch interesting, fast and quick ! And maybe that’s why you are such a big fan of suspense stories, movies and series like Quantico. They earning good money and in return, you enjoy like anything ! But… But.. But at the end of the day , however interesting, its entertainment show !  It is actually a good  thing that the popularity of such shows and stories has brought some science into people’s life. People have become rational due to this ! So This is how the amazing Crime Scene Investigation effect works. Crime Scene Investigation effect also gives us a false idea of working of real world procedure !

Only remember this that there is a lot of difference between what you see there on screen and what actually happens may sometimes differ drastically !

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