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Harmful effects of rise in antibiotics in food animals !

Harmful effects of rise in antibiotics in food animals

Really is this true that Harmful effects of rise in antibiotics in food animals can create havoc ?! First of all what are antibiotics? Antibiotics are medicines that help stop infections caused by bacteria. They do this by killing the bacteria or by keeping them from copying themselves or reproducing.

There was a time when antibiotics was a rare medicine and only its limited uses were known. But slowly with the growth of biotechnology sector and globalization, Use of Antibiotics has become very casual and usual. Some people even self-diagnose themselves and take it. They probably underestimate the harmful effects of it on a body! Such other example of this antibiotic pollution is that of increase of it in food animals as a way to increase production. But the problem is that this is harmful to the people to take up such animals as food. Also, it may increase the antibiotic resistance, making the antibiotics useless against the disease. It loses effectiveness.

Researchers in united states and Europe has decided to do something about it. they proposed 3 measures

1.Capping antibiotic use in farm animals

2. imposing a fee for veterinary use of antibiotics.

3.limiting meat intake that together can reduce the use of antibiotics in food animals by up to 80% by 2030.

So this excessive use can show Harmful effects of rise in antibiotics in food animals. Nowadays 3 times more antibiotics are used in food animals primarily to promote faster growth and prevent disease. Large biomass of animals are raised for food, new mutations occur that render bacteria resistant to antibiotics are more likely to arise in food animals. Ramanan laxminarayan , the study’s senior author and director of the center for disease, dynamics, economics and policy (CDDEP) also is concerned about the increase in antibiotics rise in food animals. Due to demand for animal protein — the use of antibiotics projected to rise by over 50 % that is 200000 tons globally in 2030 as compared to amount used in 2013. Currently, China uses the highest level of antibiotics in food product then second is the US and the third highest user is Russia! Projected increases in antibiotic use by 2030 India is 82 %, China 59% , Brazil 41 %. Let’s hope to stop this pollution someday! let this Harmful effects of rise in antibiotics in food animals stop!

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