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What are the basic human problem solving strategies ?

basic human problem solving strategies


The basic human problem solving strategies of a person is what the we use every day .

If you ever tried to or will try to learn psychology and the first question that comes to you is what must be the way a normal human thinks or tries to solve problems, Obviously you can make that out by observing yourself. But still what researchers might have find out lures your curiosity into skimming the books of psychology. You will find out that this 4 are the basic thinking patterns to think way out of troubles. They are

1.trial and error
Have you ever heard of the story of a king who accidentally runs into the den while trying to save himself from the enemy and he sees a spider on a wall who tries to walk off the wall and falls again and again. So the king learns the lesson and wins the battle. Exactly ! This is one of the ways humans think in terms of Trial and error.
2. algorithms
Oh no ! I am not giving you any sum of algebra. But yes Algorithm is the way that is exact step by step following of the problem. That is its exactly like a solution of a sum which after logical deduction gives you a correct answer. Such way of thinking needs good ability of logic and maths. Like any 10 letter word bizwohszes — to find a right answer for this you may have to go through more than 9 lakh permutations.
3. heuristics
Heuristics means simple ways of problem solving. You are not Gautam Buddha that is the statue of patience to try so many permutations. You may start with a simpler strategy like in bizwohszes to try so many permutations. You may start with a simpler strategy like in bizwoshzes you may group frequently occurring a couple of letters like biz and sh and eliminating others for a while.
4. Insight
Insight is exactly like the advertisement of mentos in which they have shown that the man eats mentos and suddenly he gets ideas upon ideas.. That is insight is not a thinking process in which you think to get a Right answer . Its the sudden occurrence of a person about the solution. Some researchers have found which brain part lightens during, they have EEG and fMRI recording and they found out that during insight frontal lobe gets activated and after insight, the right temporal lobe gets activated!
Insight was also found to exist among animals like chimpanzees and monkeys!

So this is the way  basic human problem solving strategies of a person works.

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